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One Shot Movement Founder Craig Schulze is passionate about helping educate and inspire people to make the most of their "One Shot" at life. 

Craig's popular podcast One Shot Movement Podcast is with thought leaders, entrepreneurs, sports stars, and inspiring stories to dive into how they have achieved extraordinary success. 

During the world of misinformation, he wanted to contribute with a special series show called Navigating The Fog And Thriving On The Other Side.

The vision and mission are to help people understand "truth" and make sure people can get through the current crisis and then be positioned to thrive on the other side. 

This series interviews courageous truth-seekers in combination with people who can provide great wisdom for a brighter future. 

Monica Smit is the Founder of ReIgnite Democracy who started a movement that went viral and turned from media to politics to a business directory and resource center. However, Monica was arrested for incitement and was offered bail only if she shuts down her brand, political party, and most importantly her resistance. Therefore, ended up in solitary confinement for 22 days. 

Monica's courage and voice are one reason we will build a better future. 

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I hope you enjoy this inspiring story.

If you want to THRIVE on the other side there is only one way and that is to be independent you can start with my free Rapid Freedom Framework Here


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